Colombia Information Office

Beatriz Heilbron, Mayo Clinic's representative in Colombia

Mayo Clinic has an information office for patients and their families and referring physicians in Colombia. Spanish-speaking staff can answer your questions and help you communicate with Mayo Clinic locations in the United States (Jacksonville, Florida; Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona; and Rochester, Minnesota). Services include:

  • Help in scheduling appointments
  • General orientation to Mayo Clinic
  • Travel and lodging assistance
  • Follow-up on previous visits to Mayo Clinic (medical reports, billing, insurance) and coordination of future visits

This office does not provide medical care.

Mayo Clinic's office in Colombia opened in January 2014.

Contact Information

Beatriz Heilbron
Telephone: 57-1-215-3695
Fax: 57-1-215-3694


Centro Médico Santa Ana
Calle 119 No. 7–14, Oficina 314
Bogotá, Colombia

Office Hours
9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday